Béziers Méditerranée Tourist Board helps Voies Navigables de France to replant the banks, all along the Canal du Midi : about 30 000 out of 42 000 plane trees planted in the XIXth century are at risk of a very shortened life, due to a disease which spreads fast. And a cure does not yet exist.
Voies Navigables de France (the French navigation authority) has begun chopping down the infected trees and burning them on site, but has the intention of replanting resistant varieties of plane tree, as well as other species, as soon as possible.
The urgency of the situation demands a “full mobilisation approach” to save this jewel of World Heritage.

A dedicated website informs you about the ongoing campaigns of replantation, a photographs competition makes you win various prizes and, above all, for the sake of the Canal, a donation campaign is in progress.

More information on the official website www.replantonslecanaldumidi.fr