Saint Adrien Garden (Servian)

“The most beautiful private garden in France”, “a remarkable French garden”, “France’s favourite garden of 2013”... since it was created in 2000, the Saint Adrien Garden has earned a whole collection of accolades. And it must be said that Françoise and Daniel Malgouyres have worked hard to transform this former basalt quarry into a modern-day Garden of Eden: there are 4 hectares of Mediterranean vegetation, stones and water features. A real oasis!

34290 Servian. 33 (0)4 67 39 24 92.

Open from April to early November, afternoons and weekends.

Chapy Museum (Boujan-sur-Libron)

Cars, motorbikes, bicycles and anything on wheels can be found here: the first Peugeot motorbike of 1913, the 1875 Penny Farthing bicycle and the “special ladies’ and clergyman’s bicycle”, all of which play their part in telling the story of transport. The instigator of this collection of 1400 pieces, including 300 motorcycles, is Patrick Tournié - an ardent fan of all things mechanical.

14 Rue du Muscat, 34760 Boujan-sur-Libron.

33 (0)4 67 30 03 69

Visit by appointment.

Musée des Meubles Modestes (Bassan)

"Meubles modestes" (Modest Furniture)? What exactly is that? It's pieces of furniture made from recovered objects, containers and crates. Alain Fornells is an ingenious handyman with a visionary streak and is highly adept at creating and transforming objects. They're delightful, imaginative and surprising. The guided tour round his house is a real treat.

2 rue des Remparts, 34290 Bassan,

33 (0)4 67 36 11 91

By appointment.

Golf Saint Thomas (Béziers countryside)

Have a ball! The Saint Thomas golf course offers an 18-hole course in the heart of typically Mediterranean 'garrigue' (scrubland). It’s a haven of green space and wilderness, with a variety of landscapes and environments: woodland, valleys, with stretches of water. All this on Béziers' doorstep and 10 minutes from the beaches.

Route de Bessan, 34500 Béziers.

33 (0)4 67 39 03 09

Open all year

Béziers Aventure Forest of Bourbaki (Béziers “in the country”)

There are two good reasons to make your way to the Bourbaki Forest: its treetop adventure trail and its paintball forest. There are 10 trails,10 routes suitable for all ages and all levels (from age 5). There’s also an extreme adventure trail with a dizzyingly high leap. With professional instructors on hand for guidance, there’s no reason not to have a go!

Béziers Aventure, Bois de Bourbaki, Route de Bessan D28, 34500 Béziers. 33 (0)6 25 43 41 37

Open from February to November.