Who is Johnny ?

Johnny comes from London in England. He's been living in Béziers Méditerranée with his family for nine years. Johnny started his life in Béziers as a professionnal rugby player for the ASBH Club (Béziers Rugby Club),The Raoul Barriere stadium is now his favorite place.

Since the end of his carreer, in 2013, Johnny has moved on to a new job : catering. He loves cooking fresh and local products, but also Fish and Chips!
Would like to meet him ? Go to his foodtruck « Briterrois » (contraction of British and Biterrois, inhabitants of Béziers) !
He will make fish & chips for you, or a homemade burger.

When he doesn’t work, Johnny loves spending time outside : enjoys the sun, some time on the beach, or a mushrooms "hunt" in the mountains.
He loves cooking at home with great local products, for his family and friends.

He still plays rugby for fun !

Who is Karl ?

Karl come from Ipswich in England. He moved in Béziers Méditerranée four years ago to be professionnal rugby player in Béziers's club : ASBH.

Discover local traditions and rugby

Karl loves to spend a lot of time outside : Stroll in unusual places in Béziers Méditerranée, hike to waterholes in the surroundings, and enjoys the Méditerranée on different beaches. One of his favorite activity is to walk along the Canal du Midi, especially by les 9 écluses de Fonseranes.

Karl is a sportsman. He plays rugby and loves paddel tennis during the summer.

Karl loves to taste local products and often go to Les Halles in Béziers to have a brunch with his friends.


Why do they live in Béziers Méditerranée ?

Sunshine, beaches, food, the Méditerranean sea, the Canal du Midi, and PLAYING RUGBY !… Johnny and Karl love Béziers Méditerranée !
Johnny is in love with Mediterranean sea and spends a lot of time at beaches, under the sun. Karl loves walking along Canal du Midi, in the shade.

Guys, come and see the sunshine. Béziers Méditerranée, it’s the place to be !