Who is Shirley ?

Shirley comes from Edinburgh in Scotland. She moved to south of France with her family fourteen years ago.
She loves her pets and spends a lot of time walking with her dog, it’s an important part of her life here.

She practices a lot of activities here : Yoga and pilates 3 times a week, aquatonic each friday, book club, Language exchange classes and ceramics art workshops twice a week. She also enjoys walking, cycling, and sailing... and the list goes on !

Shirley loves French gastronomy and enjoys the many wine bars and restaurants of Béziers Méditerranée, and likes it even more with live music.

Would you like to experience all these activities ? Come to Béziers Méditerranée !

Why does she live in Béziers Méditerranée ?

Weather, wine, people and culture… These are the reasons why Shirley left Scotland to south of France. She loves beaches, the Méditerranean sea, lagunes, mountains, the historical city of Béziers and Les 9 écluses de Fonseranes.

Enjoy the Canal du Midi

According to Shirley, the biggest advantage is an easy access to Béziers Méditerranée thanks to the airport. It is only a couple of hours from Scotland, on arrival, a bus takes you very quickly to the city center, on the beach, in the vineyards or along the Canal du Midi.

Come by plane

We would highly recommend you to come and visit us in Béziers Méditerranée