Who is Simon ?

Simon comes from England but used to live in Germany. He moved here with his wife Monica 9 years ago.
All year long they love to welcome their friends and guests in their house with a nice garden and a pool.

They love the outdoor life here. Every day, they take a walk with their dog Millie, through the vineyards. They are both keen on cycling and love to ride together among beautiful areas. Monica loves cooking local products,and she is an excellent chef ! Simon is a talented artist. He loves painting and drawing, and they organize painting holidays in their house.

Like Monica and Simon, you want to live a South of France experience ? Come and visit us in Béziers Méditerranée

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Why do they live in Béziers Méditerranée ?

Simon and Monica love South of France atmosphere.The really quiet way of life, restaurants, café lifestyle... They love it !
Monica likes to go to markets such as Les Halles in Béziers, and discover some great local products. It gives her ideas for new delicious dishes !

Wondering what Simon was painting ? It is the famous Madeleine Church, than was burnt down in 1209 with hundreds of Béziers citizens inside !

It's really worth coming here ! Come and visit us by plane ! Es lohnt sich wirklich, uns mit dem Flugzeug zu besuchen !

Would you like to discover the church that Simon is drawing ?