Who is Valérie ?

Valérie, also named the Francunian by her friends,  comes from Béziers but used to live in Manchester, in England.

She loves wine and works in her own family winery. You can meet her on local markets, on the seaside of Valras-Plage for example, and at Les Soirées Divines (our local summer wine tasting events)  and taste her wines !

Discover Valras-Plage

When she doesn’t work, Valérie loves to spend time at the library to choose find nice books and go read in the countryside, for a peaceful moment in the vineyards.
She likes to spend a lot of time with her friends going to the theater and walking through the small streets of our cities, looking for great restaurants and tasting delicious local dishes.

Vineyards and gastronomy

Why does she live in Béziers Méditerranée ?

Valérie loves Manchester but she chose to come back and live in Béziers Méditerranée for a few reasons : she loves wine and works for her own winery ; Valérie often tastes delicious specialities in restaurants ; And of course... she loves sunshine !
Would you like to live under the sun throughout the year ? Come to Béziers Méditerranée !

I mean come on look at this... Why don’t you come and visit Béziers Méditerranée ?