Discover our history and traditions!

Béziers, what a city! At every corner, the city tells its history, its various lives, its best destinations and traditions (including the feria, rugby and Occitanism). You should know that Béziers is the 2nd biggest preserved area in France after Paris, a good reason to venture onto the "City Side"! And, of course, this is a "multi-epoch" city: the Roman influence can be seen in the amphitheatre, the Middle Ages in Saint Nazaire Cathedral, looking down on the ramparts, and the "triumphant 19th century" is to be found in Allées Paul Riquet, where the fortunes made in winemaking built the beautiful Haussmanian façades.

If wide-open spaces and small fishing villages are more your style, then set off for a visit to Sérignan and Valras-Plage beside the sea, with a nature reserve alongside the beach and fishermen repairing their nets in their boats.

The birthplace of French viticulture, Béziers Méditerranée has been shaped by the vineyards: on our hills and on the plains, in the smallest nooks and crannies the vine is everywhere. In a landscape like a piedmont plateau where the Orb, the Libron and the Thongue flow, with villages standing like guides, here and there, and often built on the site of a Roman villa. Another aspect of the region that can be explored and enjoyed on foot, by car or by mountain bike (110 km of signposted trails!) are the vaults and wineries awaiting you on the "Vine Side".

And then... and then there's the "jewel": the Canal du Midi, created by a native of Béziers, Pierre-Paul Riquet. On the water or the riverbank, from one canal lock to the next, your heart and eyes will be overwhelmed, from Caylus bridge to Cers, and by the majestic 9 canal locks of Fonseranes.