A shopping day... Would you like to ?


- From Allées Paul Riquet to Place du Forum: Rues du 4 Septembre, Mairan, Française, de la Coquille, de la Citadelle, Flourens (etc.) are the home of jewellers, goldsmiths, clothes, accessories and shoes boutiques (and even the Béziers rugby club shop, including a barber, no less). And a supreme refinement can be found in the tea rooms and terraces where you can take a break after - or during - your "serial shopping" session.

- From Avenue de la République to Les Halles: get a "new look" in Avenue de la République (perfumes, leather goods, clothes, shoes, wedding dresses, etc. ), and great - really great - food in the indoor market (Les Halles). Plenty to be going on with!



- Rue Charles-Thomas (pedestrian street): start off by treating yourself to an Italian-style ice cream at the foot of the street and then begin your stroll. Make sure you visit the Halles Marty: seafood, fish, shellfish, salted meat, cheese... the stalls will welcome you "with open arms" and the stallholders with a smile. On the way out, check out the many shops selling clothes, accessories, shoes and beach equipment. There's also a photographer and a butcher. A great stroll in prospect.



- From the Promenade to Les Halles: wine bars, wine merchants, boutiques, a covered market... you'll find everything you need in Sérignan in the old town centre.