7 mountain bike circuits through Béziers Méditerranée

Béziers Méditerranée invites visitors to enjoy over 100 kilometres of mountain-bike trails in a family or fitness atmosphere. The seven trails run through pine forests, famous vineyards and winemaking châteaux. They'll also take you through the region’s winemaking villages during an afternoon ride, a picnic day out or an exploration of the regional heritage. Enjoy your ride through the beautiful Mediterranean flora !

1 - Tabarka Island

Leaving from Corneilhan, Cabrières Stadium
17.5 km, 200 m of ascent

This trail leads you towards Lignan-sur-Orb with its castle and noted winemakers. You'll set off beside the River Orb with all its riches, including the Tabarka Island, which you will see throughout the trip.

2 -Vineyard tour

Leaving from Corneilhan, Cabrières Stadium
10.5 km, 75 m of ascent
A ride introducing all the family to the heritage of Corneilhan and the colours of the vineyards in all seasons.

3 - The Corneilhan balconies
Leaving from Corneilhan, Cabrières Stadium
18 km, 263 m of ascent
From a panoramic viewpoint, you can admire this ancient, fortified village with its many vestiges dating far back far in time. On the way, you'll see the Montpellier cistus, wild asparagus, thyme and rosemary
4 - Libron and Romanesque Art
Leaving from Lieuran-lès-Béziers, Place de la République.
11 km, 105 m of ascent
Leaving from Lieuran-lès-Béziers, a short ride along the Libron will lead you to the gates of Espondeilhan, where you can visit Notre-Dame-des-Pins, a chapel listed as a historic monument.
Along the way, you can take in the exceptional view over the plains and upper Languedoc.
5 -The Mediterranean Path
Leaving from Boujan-sur-Libron, F. Domenech Stadium
19 km, 241 m of ascent.
Set off through the pine forests and the vineyards for the pleasure of the senses, with the heady aroma of the garrigue at each turn.
Boujan was built on the site of a Roman villa, and will deliver up all its secrets, giving food for thought as you make your way to the village of Bassan. This trail, blending pine trees and vineyards, will take you across the garrigue with its Mediterranean plant life.
You can visit the village of Bassan, famous for its ramparts, castle and Renaissance buildings.
6 -The Servian Crosses
Leaving from Servian, Campotel, Grand-Rue.
24.7 km, 222 m of ascent.
One of the longest trails in the region.
Set off to explore the local heritage and vineyards, following the crosses of Servian.
7 - From Cers to Bourbaki
17 km, 130 m of ascent
CERS : Municipal Stadium
BEZIERS : Bourbaki parking
Leaving from Cers, get ready for a sporting challenge.
The trail will lead the most determined riders through the woods of Bourbaki, a site reserved for relaxation, sports and leisure activities, at the heart of a preserved nature area.
You can also begin the trail from Bourbaki.