We welcome visitors every day, and we often are your first contact when you get here.

Our strength: we know the region, we have lived here and experienced it on a daily basis, and above all we have PASSION ! Because we are local inhabitants, purely and simply!

We are experienced "locals" who want to make sure of one thing : that you have the best possible holiday, that each moment you spend in the region is a real journey.

We are here to make sure you don't get lost, of course, or to help you find accommodation, but also to pass on our personal experience and show you the real Béziers Méditerranée!

We will help you find services, activities, places and routes adapted to your family profile, your budget and of course your needs and wishes.

In our Tourist Infomation Centres you will find :

  • information (of course) but also tips, and solutions.
  • Wifi,
  • An App to help you outside our opening hours, 
  • A ticketing service (for local events, but elsewhere in France as well),
  • Boutiques, and much else besides.

Our names are Alexandra, Eric, Déborah, Perle, Karine, Melaine, Brigitte, Isabelle, Zoé, Patricia et Karen. There are 11 of us on duty all the year round, and twice that number in the summer.

We work in the five Tourist Information Centres of Béziers Méditerranée and we look forward to welcome you there. We will share our region and its secrets with you!