A fully renovated site

Have you been walking, cycling or sailing on the water and riverbanks to visit this majestic structure since you were in short pants?

Well, next time you come you’ll see it’s even better with a fully renovated site and new facilities.

A new landscape

The new areas have been planted with trees and old species from top to bottom and all around the 9 Locks. Some of the species were even at the 9 Locks when the Canal du Midi was being built. There are lots of shady spots to enjoy a picnic, a break on a bench or a snack.
Two new bridges have been designed for a brand new vista of the Fonseranes rise lock.

New services

Now you’ll find all the services you need for a great day out at the 9 Locks.

  • A secure car park with entry solutions, parking and disabled assistance

  • Free toilets

  • Tourist Information centre to answer your questions

  • Gift shop

“Hi-tech” culture and tools

People from all over the world come to visit the Fonseranes 9 Locks. But to answer the “who, when, what, how and why” questions, there’s nothing better than the immersive cinema that’s on daily at the Site Centre. You literally dive into the history of Paul Riquet and his landmark design. The storyteller, a bespectacled archivist, joins and guides you through the 9 Locks site with an audioguide system.

Be sure to stop at the sculpted models at the top and bottom of the locks: they show how the Canal du Midi has changed the face of Béziers. That’s reason enough to make you want to spend longer in Béziers Méditerranée: our travel advisors at the Site Centre are here to help you plan everything!

Restaurant and local treats

Settle onto the two terraces or sunlit dining room in the shape of a ship’s bow at Le 9 restaurant at the Site Centre and enjoy a magical, relaxing and sensory experience made up of 3 key ingredients:
- Its “bistronomy” menu using fresh and local produce and new takes on local dishes

  • Its wine menu designed by the best French sommeliers

  • Its endless views of Béziers and the 9 Locks.

Sports and more...

You can explore the Fonseranes 9 Locks on foot, by bike, by boat, on 2 wheels, on 4 wheels, sitting or standing…Set sail on a cruise for an hour or a day, hire an electric boat and unleash your inner captain,  sit in front of the immersive cinema and finish the tour on foot with audioguides.